Solid Ash Watch Box | for up to 6 watches | Striped Hardwood lid


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A stunning one-of-a-kind handmade Solid Ash jewellery or keepsake box, with a striped mixed hardwood lid.

The lid is made from a series of second life timbers including Walnut, Ash, Mahogany and oak. The box is then finished in a semi matte hardwearing oil. The interior of the box is lined in a lovely black suede, with 6 contrasting ivory coloured fabric watch cushions.

Whenever possible in Lifetimber products I use second life timber, that is timber that has had a previous life as something else, is reclaimed or salvaged or often was waste or offcuts from another project or woodworker. Most of the wood that I use is reclaimed or offcut hardwoods that are naturally slow growing. This timber is always beautiful and often has character that means it was hard for others to use. I always work with the natural beauty of the wood, highlighting, celebrating and enhancing the natural flaws, knots and patina.

The core philosophy of Lifetimber’s process is to minimise waste: I try to make use of every ounce of wood that comes into my workshop, even the sawdust! By considering a Lifetimber product, you will be helping rescue gorgeous wood from an ignominious end.

Obviously, wood is a natural product and Lifetimber celebrates that: if you are looking for conformity, repeatability and laser cut precision then you are probably looking at the wrong product…. but you have read this far! I therefore encourage you to consider a unique Lifetimber product for all the beauty and joy that it will bring.

If you like what you see and have read, but are after a bespoke commission or customised product, then please get in contact with your requirements and I will see what I can do!

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